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Cure Day Clinics is the vision of a group of like-minded doctors. Their dream was to provide private health care that is more affordable, hence, more accessible, to more South Africans.

South Africa’s private health care has been criticized for its high costs, and medical inflation has been part of these spiralling costs. Cure Day Clinics addresses this through providing lower prices – especially to private paying patients.

The group of doctors also realised the importance of creating a legacy, not just a business entity and formed a true Black Economic Empowered (BEE) partnership. This partnership is backed by an experienced and qualified management team. Doctors and other individuals in related fields own 100% of Cure Day Clinics, funded by them.
The group’s first clinic is the Cure Day Clinics – Medkin. Bought as an existing concern, established over 30 years ago, this clinic has been operating since March 2008 as part of the newly established Cure Day Clinics group. The second clinic opened in Midstream in May of 2011.  

Cure Day Clinics has grown to 8 facilities, 4 in Gauteng (Medkin, Midstream, Erasmuskloof and Fourways), 1 in the Free State (Bloemfontein) and 3 hospitals in the Western Cape (Paarl, Somerset West and Bellville). Wilgeheuwel in Gauteng will be operational late 2017.

The expansion plans include establishing clinics across the country, providing same-day surgery at affordable prices within a safe and privately managed environment. The expansion of the Cure Day Clinics group is very timeous given the effect of the global credit crunch and limited financial resources of so many South Africans.

Why the need for specialised day care?

  • Cure Day Clinics specialises in ambulatory day procedures which is also known as outpatient surgery, same-day surgery or day surgery and does not require overnight stay.
  • Same-day surgery has grown internationally due to the improvements in medical technology and anaesthesia, leading to faster recovery times and fewer side effects.
  • In addition, minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures have been developed and are being used increasingly, for example laser surgery, laparoscopy, and endoscopy. These medical advances make surgery less complex, with less post operative pain.
  • Planned admissions and discharges streamline the process, reducing stress for patients and their loved ones as well as costs.
  • Our friendly and professional personnel will ensure that patients feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed.
  • Dedicated child-friendly facilities make the little ones feel as comfortable as possible.





Our Vision

To become the leader of affordable, quality ambulatory (day case) surgery in South Africa and provide affordable healthcare to more South Africans.


To provide excellence in service delivery, efficiencies, comfort and affordability to doctors, patients and funders.

Why choose a Day Hospital?

The benefits of choosing a day hospital lie within the major characteristics of such facilities.

Lower costs

The cost for procedures performed in a day hospital is substantially lower when compared to a general hospital. This is mainly due to the difference in the infrastructure and staffing requirements. General hospitals generally offer a wide variety of disciplines that similarly requires a wider variety of technology and equipment. Theatre complexes are equipped for more complex types of surgery (e.g. heart surgery, orthopaedic surgery) compared to day hospital theatres.
In a general hospital, nursing staff with qualifications in various types of medicine are required due to ICU, emergency, paediatric and maternity units.
Medical aid rates are generally lower for day hospitals than for general hospitals.
Private patients find day hospitals more affordable.

No overnight stay

Same day procedures do not require overnight stay. Patients are admitted, operated and discharged on the same day. This provides more predictability in the planning. It is specifically very convenient where children are concerned as they do not have to sleep in an unfamiliar environment.

Shorter recovery

Due to the modern technology and the types of procedures performed, recovery is generally faster. The highest quality care is maintained with the benefit of being discharged on the same day. Usually a faster return to work and a reduced chance of cross infection.
Families can assist in the later stages of recovery and by sharing in the care of the patient at home. Recovery is faster and costs are reduced.

Reduces anxiety

Day surgery effectively reduces anxiety normally associated with undergoing surgical procedures and it is the ideal way to avoid disruption at your work or home.
It is especially beneficial to children as their parents can remain with them virtually throughout the day of the procedure.


Planned and guaranteed admissions as well as a planned time of discharge contribute to the convenience for patients as well as their loved ones. Fixed costs and minimum disruption to home life is a great advantage of a day clinic.

Benefits to doctors

Doctors are able to improve their productivity because of planned operating times. Likewise, anaesthetists can achieve greater efficiency because of the planned caseload.  Small procedures performed by GP’s are welcomed at day hospitals.

Benefits for nursing staff

Nursing staff are able to work regular hours with no overnight duties. This is particularly attractive to nursing staff with the added advantage of flexible work schedules.

Benefits for medical schemes

The National Reference Price List tariffs are generally lower for same day procedures performed in day clinics compared to general hospitals. Also, faster recovery of same day procedures reduces the expenses for medical aids.

What is a Day Hospital?

A day hospital is a facility where surgery is performed and patients are discharged on the same day.

Surgical procedures are performed using modern technology and minimal invasive surgical techniques. This expedites recovery and reduces time spent in hospital.

Specialists perform only minor procedures in a safe and equipped environment. Anaesthetists administer the anaesthetics with trained operating theatre nursing staff supporting the doctors.

This approach to surgery is highly cost effective as patients do not stay overnight – therefore no nursing is required after hours. It is very suitable for minor procedures which are performed by specialists, just as they would within a general hospital environment.


New National Hospital Network (NNHN)

Cure Day Clinics are members of the New National Hospital Network. The NNHN negotiates with medical aid schemes on behalf of its members. The members are comprised of independent private hospitals, day clinics, psychiatric clinics and ophthalmic clinics.

Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA)

Cure Day Clinics are also members of HASA. HASA is an industry association that represents the collective interests of the majority of private hospital groups and independently owned private hospitals in South Africa. HASA functions as the official mouthpiece of South Africa’s private hospital industry.

Staff, management, doctors, and many other stakeholders involved with Cure Day Clinics have committed themselves to the community they serve. The objective is to provide quality healthcare to those who are less fortunate.